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class:Result [NONE]

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DOMResult, SAXResult, StAXResult, StreamResult

    public interface Result

    An object that implements this interface contains the information needed to build a transformation result tree.




    static final String PI_DISABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING
    The name of the processing instruction that is sent if the result tree disables output escaping.

    Normally, result tree serialization escapes& and < (and possibly other characters) when outputting text nodes. This ensures that the output is well-formed XML. However, it is sometimes convenient to be able to produce output that is almost, but not quite well-formed XML; for example, the output may include ill-formed sections that will be transformed into well-formed XML by a subsequent non-XML aware process. If a processing instruction is sent with this name, serialization should be output without any escaping.

    Result DOM trees may also have PI_DISABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING and PI_ENABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING inserted into the tree.

    See Also:
    disable-output-escaping in XSLT Specification , Constant Field Values


method:setSystemId(java.lang.String) [NONE]

  • setSystemId

    void setSystemId​(String systemId)
    Set the system identifier for this Result.

    If the Result is not to be written to a file, the system identifier is optional. The application may still want to provide one, however, for use in error messages and warnings, or to resolve relative output identifiers.

    systemId - The system identifier as a URI string.

method:getSystemId() [NONE]

  • getSystemId

    String getSystemId()
    Get the system identifier that was set with setSystemId.
    The system identifier that was set with setSystemId, or null if setSystemId was not called.

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