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rev 51152 : [mq]: gcbuildoptionspatch

@@ -480,31 +480,33 @@
   // Frequently calls adjust_obj_size().
   template <class SpaceType>
   static inline void scan_and_adjust_pointers(SpaceType* space);
   // Frequently calls obj_size().
   template <class SpaceType>
   static inline void scan_and_compact(SpaceType* space);
   // Frequently calls scanned_block_is_obj() and scanned_block_size().
   // Requires the scan_limit() function.
   template <class SpaceType>
   static inline void scan_and_forward(SpaceType* space, CompactPoint* cp);
 class GenSpaceMangler;
 // A space in which the free area is contiguous.  It therefore supports
 // faster allocation, and compaction.
 class ContiguousSpace: public CompactibleSpace {
   friend class VMStructs;
   // Allow scan_and_forward function to call (private) overrides for auxiliary functions on this class
   template <typename SpaceType>
   friend void CompactibleSpace::scan_and_forward(SpaceType* space, CompactPoint* cp);
   // Auxiliary functions for scan_and_forward support.
   // See comments for CompactibleSpace for more information.
   inline HeapWord* scan_limit() const {
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