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@@ -304,11 +304,11 @@
   // an IllegalAccessError (bugid 4307310) or an OutOfMemoryError.
   // If an exception is thrown, returns the bci of the
   // exception handler which caused the exception to be thrown, which
   // is needed for proper retries. See, for example,
   // InterpreterRuntime::exception_handler_for_exception.
-  int fast_exception_handler_bci_for(KlassHandle ex_klass, int throw_bci, TRAPS);
+  static int fast_exception_handler_bci_for(methodHandle mh, KlassHandle ex_klass, int throw_bci, TRAPS);
   // method data access
   methodDataOop method_data() const              {
     return _method_data;