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rev 14946 : 8160829: Remove ASMPool support from jlink
Reviewed-by: sundar, psandoz, forax

@@ -29,15 +29,14 @@
 <file> option is to load release properties from the supplied file.\n\
 add: is to add properties to the 'release' file.\n\
 Any number of <key>=<value> pairs can be passed.\n\
 del: is to delete the list of keys in release file.
-class-optim.argument=<all|forName-folding>[:log=<log file>]
-Class optimization. Warning: This plugin is experimental.\n\
-An optional <log file> can be specified to log applied optimizations.
+Class optimization: convert Class.forName calls to constant loads.
 Compress all resources in the output image.\n\

@@ -45,11 +44,10 @@
 Level 1: ZIP\n\
 Level 2: both.\n\
 An optional <pattern-list> filter can be specified to list the pattern of\n\
 files to be included.
 compact-cp.argument=<resource paths>
 compact-cp.description=Constant Pool strings sharing.\n\
 By default, all resources are compressed. You can express the set \n\
 of resources to compress or not compress (use ^ for negation).
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