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@@ -219,10 +219,13 @@
      * insertion point is not changed by this call. This means nodes must be added to the graph with
      * the appropriate method (e.g., {@link StructuredGraph#unique} for {@link ValueNumberable}
      * nodes) and fixed nodes must be manually {@linkplain FixedWithNextNode#setNext added} as
      * successors of {@code afterExceptionLoaded}.
+     * The reason for this constraint is that when this plugin runs, it's inserting instructions
+     * into a different block than the one currently being parsed.
+     *
      * @param graph the graph being parsed
      * @param afterExceptionLoaded the last fixed node after loading the exception
      * @return the last fixed node after instrumentation
     default FixedWithNextNode instrumentExceptionDispatch(StructuredGraph graph, FixedWithNextNode afterExceptionLoaded) {
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