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@@ -32,18 +32,18 @@
  * Describes the attributes of a static field {@linkplain Option option} and provides access to its
  * {@linkplain OptionKey value}.
 public final class OptionDescriptor {
-    protected final String name;
-    protected final OptionType optionType;
-    protected final Class<?> optionValueType;
-    protected final String help;
-    protected final List<String> extraHelp;
-    protected final OptionKey<?> optionKey;
-    protected final Class<?> declaringClass;
-    protected final String fieldName;
+    private final String name;
+    private final OptionType optionType;
+    private final Class<?> optionValueType;
+    private final String help;
+    private final List<String> extraHelp;
+    private final OptionKey<?> optionKey;
+    private final Class<?> declaringClass;
+    private final String fieldName;
     private static final String[] NO_EXTRA_HELP = {};
     public static OptionDescriptor create(String name, OptionType optionType, Class<?> optionValueType, String help, Class<?> declaringClass, String fieldName, OptionKey<?> option) {
         return create(name, optionType, optionValueType, help, NO_EXTRA_HELP, declaringClass, fieldName, option);
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