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Prepared by:Krishna Addepalli on Thu Dec 7 16:34:51 IST 2017
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Summary of changes: 56 lines changed: 5 ins; 33 del; 18 mod; 1717 unchg
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rev 47712 : Fixed JDK-8190281: Code cleanup in src\java.desktop\sharelasses\javax\swing ree\
Remove the streams related code changes, since it is increasing the class size by 1kb.
Moved the increment of nextIndex back into the conditional, since
moving it out makes it a functional changes, and needs to be accompanied with a testcase.
Properly align the code to the previous state at line no 1000,
so that unnecessary changes are not introduced.
56 lines changed: 5 ins; 33 del; 18 mod; 1717 unchg

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