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rev 53582 : imported patch rename

@@ -29,10 +29,11 @@
 #include "gc/g1/g1BiasedArray.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1CardTable.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1CollectionSet.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1CollectorState.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1ConcurrentMark.hpp"
+#include "gc/g1/g1DirtyCardQueue.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1EdenRegions.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1EvacFailure.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1EvacStats.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1EvacuationInfo.hpp"
 #include "gc/g1/g1GCPhaseTimes.hpp"

@@ -756,11 +757,11 @@
   // The g1 remembered set of the heap.
   G1RemSet* _g1_rem_set;
   // A set of cards that cover the objects for which the Rsets should be updated
   // concurrently after the collection.
-  DirtyCardQueueSet _dirty_card_queue_set;
+  G1DirtyCardQueueSet _dirty_card_queue_set;
   // After a collection pause, convert the regions in the collection set into free
   // regions.
   void free_collection_set(G1CollectionSet* collection_set, G1EvacuationInfo& evacuation_info, const size_t* surviving_young_words);

@@ -916,11 +917,11 @@
   RefToScanQueue *task_queue(uint i) const;
   uint num_task_queues() const;
   // A set of cards where updates happened during the GC
-  DirtyCardQueueSet& dirty_card_queue_set() { return _dirty_card_queue_set; }
+  G1DirtyCardQueueSet& dirty_card_queue_set() { return _dirty_card_queue_set; }
   // Create a G1CollectedHeap with the specified policy.
   // Must call the initialize method afterwards.
   // May not return if something goes wrong.
   G1CollectedHeap(G1CollectorPolicy* policy);

@@ -981,14 +982,14 @@
   // Try to minimize the remembered set.
   void scrub_rem_set();
   // Apply the given closure on all cards in the Hot Card Cache, emptying it.
-  void iterate_hcc_closure(CardTableEntryClosure* cl, uint worker_i);
+  void iterate_hcc_closure(G1CardTableEntryClosure* cl, uint worker_i);
   // Apply the given closure on all cards in the Dirty Card Queue Set, emptying it.
-  void iterate_dirty_card_closure(CardTableEntryClosure* cl, uint worker_i);
+  void iterate_dirty_card_closure(G1CardTableEntryClosure* cl, uint worker_i);
   // The shared block offset table array.
   G1BlockOffsetTable* bot() const { return _bot; }
   // Reference Processing accessors
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