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8221260: Initialize more class members on construction, remove some unused ones
   AdaptiveWeightedAverage* _avg_base_footprint;
   // Statistical data gathered for GC
   GCStats _gc_stats;
-  size_t _survivor_size_limit;   // Limit in bytes of survivor size
   const double _collection_cost_margin_fraction;
   // Variable for estimating the major and minor pause times.
   // These variables represent linear least-squares fits of
   // the data.

@@ -109,17 +108,10 // Flag indicating that the adaptive policy is ready to use bool _old_gen_policy_is_ready; - // Changing the generation sizing depends on the data that is - // gathered about the effects of changes on the pause times and - // throughput. These variable count the number of data points - // gathered. The policy may use these counters as a threshold - // for reliable data. - julong _young_gen_change_for_major_pause_count; - // To facilitate faster growth at start up, supplement the normal // growth percentage for the young gen eden and the // old gen space for promotion with these value which decay // with increasing collections. uint _young_gen_size_increment_supplement;
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