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rev 49285 : [mq]: 8198691.patch

@@ -135,10 +135,13 @@
 extern Mutex*   UnsafeJlong_lock;                // provides Unsafe atomic updates to jlongs on platforms that don't support cx8
+extern Monitor* CodeHeapStateAnalytics_lock;     // lock print functions against concurrent analyze functions.
+                                                 // Only used locally in PrintCodeCacheLayout processing.
 // A MutexLocker provides mutual exclusion with respect to a given mutex
 // for the scope which contains the locker.  The lock is an OS lock, not
 // an object lock, and the two do not interoperate.  Do not use Mutex-based
 // locks to lock on Java objects, because they will not be respected if a
 // that object is locked using the Java locking mechanism.
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