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rev 2693 : 8184338: switch minimum supported gcc version to 4.8

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  Solaris            Oracle Solaris Studio 12.4 (with compiler version 5.13)
  Windows            Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 update 4
 ### gcc
-The minimum accepted version of gcc is 4.3. Older versions will not be accepted
-by `configure`.
-However, gcc 4.3 is quite old and OpenJDK is not regularly tested on this
-version, so it is recommended to use a more modern gcc.
+The minimum accepted version of gcc is 4.7. Older versions will generate a warning 
+by `configure` and are unlikely to work.
 OpenJDK 9 includes patches that should allow gcc 6 to compile, but this should
 be considered experimental.
 In general, any version between these two should be usable.
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