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rev 56978 : 8234397: add OS uptime information to os::print_os_info output

@@ -39,10 +39,11 @@
   static void print_distro_info(outputStream* st);
   static void print_rlimit_info(outputStream* st);
   static void print_uname_info(outputStream* st);
   static void print_libversion_info(outputStream* st);
   static void print_load_average(outputStream* st);
+  static void print_uptime_info(outputStream* st);
   // Minimum stack size a thread can be created with (allowing
   // the VM to completely create the thread and enter user code).
   // The initial values exclude any guard pages (by HotSpot or libc).
   // set_minimum_stack_sizes() will add the size required for
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