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Prepared by:mcimadamore on Mon Jul 3 15:09:55 IST 2017
Compare against version:17255
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rev 17256 : imported patch 8183135.patch
rev 17251 : 8183290: [MVT] ClassInfo mangling doesn't work on DVT
Summary: missing mangling when creating DVT from VCC
Reviewed-by: psandoz, dsimms
rev 17244 : 8182678: [MVT] add javac and method handle support for mangled value class names in CONSTANT_ClassInfo
Summary: add MethodHandleBuilder and bytecode API support for mangled value class names
Reviewed-by: psandoz
rev 17242 : Dumping class files generated from LambdaFormBuilder should generate
debug-based names for CP patched entries. (Although as of yet
i have not managed to induce such patching when it is enabled.)
rev 17235 : Add support for Q-types to lambda forms
Note: support is optional, and can be enabled using the flag:
rev 17102 : Add initial MethodHandle MVT support
4 lines changed: 1 ins; 0 del; 3 mod; 371 unchg

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