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rev 764 : 8023433: Improve 'make help'
Reviewed-by: duke

@@ -96,10 +96,11 @@
         $(info Common make targets)
         $(info .  make [default]         # Compile all product in langtools, hotspot, jaxp, jaxws,)
         $(info .                         # corba and jdk)
         $(info .  make all               # Compile everything, all repos and images)
         $(info .  make images            # Create complete j2sdk and j2re images)
+        $(info .  make docs              # Create javadocs)
         $(info .  make overlay-images    # Create limited images for sparc 64 bit platforms)
         $(info .  make profiles          # Create complete j2re compact profile images)
         $(info .  make bootcycle-images  # Build images twice, second time with newly build JDK)
         $(info .  make install           # Install the generated images locally)
         $(info .  make clean             # Remove all files generated by make, but not those)

@@ -107,11 +108,11 @@
         $(info .  make dist-clean        # Remove all files, including configuration)
         $(info .  make help              # Give some help on using make)
         $(info .  make test              # Run tests, default is all tests (see TEST below))
         $(info )
         $(info Targets for specific components)
-        $(info (Component is any of langtools, corba, jaxp, jaxws, hotspot, jdk, images or overlay-images))
+        $(info (Component is any of langtools, corba, jaxp, jaxws, hotspot, jdk, nashorn images or overlay-images, docs, test))
         $(info .  make <component>       # Build <component> and everything it depends on. )
         $(info .  make <component>-only  # Build <component> only, without dependencies. This)
         $(info .                         # is faster but can result in incorrect build results!)
         $(info .  make clean-<component> # Remove files generated by make for <component>)
         $(info )