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rev 8739 : 8004073: Implement C2 Ideal node specific dump() method
Summary: add Node::dump_rel() to dump a node and its related nodes (the notion of "related" depends on the node at hand); add Node::dump_comp() to dump a node in compact representation; add Node::dump_rel_comp() to dump a node and its related nodes in compact representation; add the required machinery; extend some C2 IR nodes with compact and related dumping

*** 162,169 **** --- 162,170 ---- bool is_alloc_tightly_coupled() const { return _alloc_tightly_coupled; } #ifndef PRODUCT virtual void dump_spec(outputStream *st) const; + virtual void dump_comp_spec(outputStream* st) const; #endif }; #endif // SHARE_VM_OPTO_ARRAYCOPYNODE_HPP
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