rev 8932 : 8046148

   1     -Xmixed           mixed mode execution (default)
   2     -Xint             interpreted mode execution only
   3     -Xbootclasspath:<directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
   4                       set search path for bootstrap classes and resources
   5     -Xbootclasspath/a:<directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
   6                       append to end of bootstrap class path
   7     -Xbootclasspath/p:<directories and zip/jar files separated by ;>
   8                       prepend in front of bootstrap class path
   9     -Xnoclassgc       disable class garbage collection
  10     -Xlog:<opts>      control JVM logging, use -Xlog:help for details
  11     -Xloggc:<file>    log GC status to a file with time stamps
  12     -Xbatch           disable background compilation
  13     -Xms<size>        set initial Java heap size
  14     -Xmx<size>        set maximum Java heap size
  15     -Xss<size>        set java thread stack size
  16     -Xprof            output cpu profiling data
  17     -Xfuture          enable strictest checks, anticipating future default
  18     -Xrs              reduce use of OS signals by Java/VM (see documentation)
  19     -Xcheck:jni       perform additional checks for JNI functions
  20     -Xshare:off       do not attempt to use shared class data
  21     -Xshare:auto      use shared class data if possible (default)
  22     -Xshare:on        require using shared class data, otherwise fail.
  24 The -X options are non-standard and subject to change without notice.
--- EOF ---