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rev 13198 : 8183573: Refactor CodeHeap and AOTCodeHeap to devirtualize hot methods
Reviewed-by: rbackman

*** 99,108 **** --- 99,109 ---- static void initialize_heaps(); // Initializes the CodeHeaps // Check the code heap sizes set by the user via command line static void check_heap_sizes(size_t non_nmethod_size, size_t profiled_size, size_t non_profiled_size, size_t cache_size, bool all_set); // Creates a new heap with the given name and size, containing CodeBlobs of the given type static void add_heap(ReservedSpace rs, const char* name, int code_blob_type); + static CodeHeap* get_code_heap_containing(void* p); // Returns the CodeHeap containing the given pointer, or NULL static CodeHeap* get_code_heap(const CodeBlob* cb); // Returns the CodeHeap for the given CodeBlob static CodeHeap* get_code_heap(int code_blob_type); // Returns the CodeHeap for the given CodeBlobType // Returns the name of the VM option to set the size of the corresponding CodeHeap static const char* get_code_heap_flag_name(int code_blob_type); static size_t heap_alignment(); // Returns the alignment of the CodeHeaps in bytes
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