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rev 47445 : 8171853: Remove Shark compiler

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     any of `pre`, `opt`, `build`, `major`, `minor`, `security` or `patch`. Use
     these options to modify just the corresponding part of the version string
     from the default, or the value provided by `--with-version-string`.
   * `--with-jvm-variants=<variant>[,<variant>...]` - Build the specified variant
     (or variants) of Hotspot. Valid variants are: `server`, `client`,
-    `minimal`, `core`, `zero`, `zeroshark`, `custom`. Note that not all
+    `minimal`, `core`, `zero`, `custom`. Note that not all
     variants are possible to combine in a single build.
   * `--with-jvm-features=<feature>[,<feature>...]` - Use the specified JVM
     features when building Hotspot. The list of features will be enabled on top
     of the default list. For the `custom` JVM variant, this default list is
     empty. A complete list of available JVM features can be found using `bash
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