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rev 50331 : 8198285: More consistent Access API for arraycopy

@@ -86,12 +86,13 @@
   virtual void metaspace_pointers_do(MetaspaceClosure* iter);
   // Either oop or narrowOop depending on UseCompressedOops.
   // must be called from within ObjArrayKlass.cpp
-  template <class T> void do_copy(arrayOop s, T* src, arrayOop d,
-                                  T* dst, int length, TRAPS);
+  template <class T> void do_copy(arrayOop s, size_t src_offset,
+                                  arrayOop d, size_t dst_offset,
+                                  int length, TRAPS);
   // Returns the ObjArrayKlass for n'th dimension.
   virtual Klass* array_klass_impl(bool or_null, int n, TRAPS);
   // Returns the array class with this class as element type.
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