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rev 52444 : [mq]: JDK-8213489-1.patch

@@ -1302,10 +1302,11 @@
   static jubyte _intrinsic_hist_flags[vmIntrinsics::ID_LIMIT];
   // Function calls made by the public function final_graph_reshaping.
   // No need to be made public as they are not called elsewhere.
   void final_graph_reshaping_impl( Node *n, Final_Reshape_Counts &frc);
+  void final_graph_reshaping_main_switch(Node* n, Final_Reshape_Counts& frc, uint nop);
   void final_graph_reshaping_walk( Node_Stack &nstack, Node *root, Final_Reshape_Counts &frc );
   void eliminate_redundant_card_marks(Node* n);
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