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@@ -446,11 +446,11 @@
 // TaskQueueSet's for work stealing.
 class ParallelTaskTerminator: public StackObj {
   uint _n_threads;
   TaskQueueSetSuper* _queue_set;
   volatile uint _offered_termination;

@@ -479,11 +479,11 @@
   // As above, but it also terminates if the should_exit_termination()
   // method of the terminator parameter returns true. If terminator is
   // NULL, then it is ignored.
-  bool offer_termination(TerminatorTerminator* terminator);
+  virtual bool offer_termination(TerminatorTerminator* terminator);
   // Reset the terminator, so that it may be reused again.
   // The caller is responsible for ensuring that this is done
   // in an MT-safe manner, once the previous round of use of
   // the terminator is finished.
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