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rev 4136 : 7153771: array bound check elimination for c1
Summary: when possible optimize out array bound checks, inserting predicates when needed.

@@ -673,11 +673,12 @@
   assert(!left->is_xmm_register() && !right->is_xmm_register() && !res->is_xmm_register(), "not for xmm registers");
   switch (op2->code()) {
     case lir_cmp:
     case lir_cmp_fd2i:
-    case lir_ucmp_fd2i: {
+    case lir_ucmp_fd2i:
+    case lir_assert: {
       assert(left->is_fpu_register(), "invalid LIR");
       assert(right->is_fpu_register(), "invalid LIR");
       // the left-hand side must be on top of stack.
       // the right-hand side is never popped, even if is_last_use is set