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rev 3362 : 7174532: jdk/test/java/lang/Math/ failing on x86
Summary: increase precision on x86 for the steps of the computation of exp and pow.

@@ -2393,10 +2393,12 @@
   // compute pow(x,y) and exp(x) with x86 instructions. Don't cover
   // all corner cases and may result in NaN and require fallback to a
   // runtime call.
   void fast_pow();
   void fast_exp();
+  void increase_precision();
+  void restore_precision();
   // computes exp(x). Fallback to runtime call included.
   void exp_with_fallback(int num_fpu_regs_in_use) { pow_or_exp(true, num_fpu_regs_in_use); }
   // computes pow(x,y). Fallback to runtime call included.
   void pow_with_fallback(int num_fpu_regs_in_use) { pow_or_exp(false, num_fpu_regs_in_use); }