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@@ -139,12 +139,10 @@
   static void vm_message(jboolean vmError, jlong format, jlong v1, jlong v2, jlong v3);
   static jint identity_hash_code(JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* obj);
   static address exception_handler_for_pc(JavaThread* thread);
   static void monitorenter(JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* obj, BasicLock* lock);
   static void monitorexit (JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* obj, BasicLock* lock);
-  static void create_null_exception(JavaThread* thread);
-  static void create_out_of_bounds_exception(JavaThread* thread, jint index);
   static void vm_error(JavaThread* thread, jlong where, jlong format, jlong value);
   static oopDesc* load_and_clear_exception(JavaThread* thread);
   static void log_printf(JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* format, jlong v1, jlong v2, jlong v3);
   static void log_primitive(JavaThread* thread, jchar typeChar, jlong value, jboolean newline);
   // Print the passed in object, optionally followed by a newline.  If

@@ -155,10 +153,16 @@
   static void write_barrier_pre(JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* obj);
   static void write_barrier_post(JavaThread* thread, void* card);
   static jboolean validate_object(JavaThread* thread, oopDesc* parent, oopDesc* child);
   static void new_store_pre_barrier(JavaThread* thread);
+  // used to throw exceptions from compiled JVMCI code
+  static void throw_and_post_jvmti_exception(JavaThread* thread, Symbol* exception, const char* message);
+  // helper methods to throw exception with complex messages
+  static void throw_klass_external_name_exception(JavaThread* thread, Symbol* exception, Klass* klass);
+  static void throw_class_cast_exception(JavaThread* thread, Symbol* exception, Klass* objKlass, Klass* targetKlass, const char* desc);
   // Test only function
   static int test_deoptimize_call_int(JavaThread* thread, int value);
 // Tracing macros.
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