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@@ -690,10 +690,14 @@
   // which had been allocated by alloc_archive_regions. This should be called
   // rather than fill_archive_regions at JVM init time if the archive file
   // mapping failed, with the same non-overlapping and sorted MemRegion array.
   void dealloc_archive_regions(MemRegion* range, size_t count);
+  // Wrapper function of CollectedHeap::fill_with_objects() with setting
+  // _filler_array_max_size = _humongous_object_threshold_in_words.
+  static void fill_with_non_humongous_objects(HeapWord* start, size_t words, bool zap = true);
   // Shrink the garbage-first heap by at most the given size (in bytes!).
   // (Rounds down to a HeapRegion boundary.)
   virtual void shrink(size_t expand_bytes);
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