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@@ -24,17 +24,17 @@
 package javax.sound.midi.spi;
+import javax.sound.midi.InvalidMidiDataException;
 import javax.sound.midi.MidiFileFormat;
 import javax.sound.midi.Sequence;
-import javax.sound.midi.InvalidMidiDataException;
  * A {@code MidiFileReader} supplies MIDI file-reading services. Classes
  * implementing this interface can parse the format information from one or more
  * types of MIDI file, and can produce a {@link Sequence} object from files of

@@ -104,11 +104,11 @@
      * not support this, this method may fail with an IOException.
      * @param  stream the input stream from which the {@code Sequence} should
      *         be constructed
      * @return a {@code Sequence} object based on the MIDI file data contained
-     *         in the input stream.
+     *         in the input stream
      * @throws InvalidMidiDataException if the stream does not point to valid
      *         MIDI file data recognized by the system
      * @throws IOException if an I/O exception occurs
      * @see InputStream#markSupported
      * @see InputStream#mark