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+  <title>JPEG Metadata Format Specification and Usage Notes</title>
-Copyright (c) 2000, 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
+Copyright (c) 2000, 2017, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
 This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
 under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only, as
 published by the Free Software Foundation.  Oracle designates this

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-<title>JPEG Metadata Format Specification and Usage Notes</title>
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-JPEG Metadata Format Specification and Usage Notes
+<h1>JPEG Metadata Format Specification and Usage Notes</h1>
 <a href=#metadata>JPEG Metadata</a><br>
 <a href=#abbrev>Abbreviated Streams</a><br>
 <a href=#tables>Sources of Tables</a><br>

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 The JPEG writer does not support replacing pixels.
-<a name=metadata>JPEG Metadata</a>
+<a id=metadata>JPEG Metadata</a>
 JPEG metadata consists of the data contained in marker segments in a JPEG
 stream.  The image metadata object returned from a read describes the
 contents of the marker segments between the <code>SOI</code> marker and 
 the <code>EOI</code> marker for that image.  The image metadata object 

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 If <code>ignoreMetadata</code> is set to <code>true</code> when the input
 is set on the reader, stream metadata will not be available, but image
 metadata will.
-<a name=abbrev>Abbreviated Streams</a>
+<a id=abbrev>Abbreviated Streams</a>
 Both the reader and the writer retain their tables from one operation to the 
 next, thus permitting the use of abbreviated streams quite naturally, with a 
 few minor restrictions:  

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 tables-only image is written.  If stream metadata containing no tables is
 supplied to <code>ImageWriter.prepareWriteSequence</code>, then a tables-only
 image containing default visually lossless tables is written.
-<a name=tables>Sources of Tables</a>
+<a id=tables>Sources of Tables</a>
 Images are written with tables if tables are present in their metadata objects 
 or without them if no tables are present in their metadata objects.  If no
 metadata object is present then the tables are written.  The tables used for 

@@ -191,11 +189,11 @@
 Note that if no image metadata object is specified for a particular image, a 
 default object is used, which includes default tables.
-<a name=color>Colorspace Transformations and Conventional Markers</a>
+<a id=color>Colorspace Transformations and Conventional Markers</a>
 Colorspace transformations are controlled by the destination type for
 both reading and writing of images.  When <code>Raster</code>s are
 read, no colorspace transformation is performed, and any destination type 
 is ignored.  A warning is sent to any listeners if a destination type is 

@@ -206,11 +204,11 @@
 match the destination type, the destination type is used and a warning is sent 
 to any listeners.
-<a name=optcolor><b>Optional ColorSpace support:</b></a>
+<a id=optcolor><b>Optional ColorSpace support:</b></a>
 Handling of PhotoYCC (YCC), PhotoYCCA (YCCA), RGBA and YCbCrA color spaces
 by the standard plugin, as described below, is dependent on capabilities
 of the libraries used to interpret the JPEG data. Thus all consequential
 behaviors are optional. If the support is not available when decoding,
 the color space will be treated as unrecognized and the appropriate

@@ -507,11 +505,11 @@
            is applied, and no special marker segment is written.
-<a name=thumbs>Thumbnail Images</a>
+<a id=thumbs>Thumbnail Images</a>
 Thumbnails are supported by the use of JFIF and JFIF extension marker segments.
 Thumbnails provided on the write methods determine the thumbnails that will be 
 included.  <code>app0JFIF</code> and <code>app0JFXX</code> nodes present in 
 the metadata do not contain any thumbnail pixel data.  However, the kinds of 

@@ -602,11 +600,11 @@
 may have thumbnails.  If thumbnails are present when writing any other type 
 of image, the thumbnails are ignored and a warning is sent to any warning
-<a name=prog>Progressive Encoding</a>
+<a id=prog>Progressive Encoding</a>
 Progressive encoding must be enabled on the <code>ImageWriteParam</code>
 passed in to a write operation, or the image will be written sequentially,
 regardless of the scan headers included in the metadata object.  If 

@@ -622,11 +620,11 @@
 all Huffman tables in the metadata or in the <code>ImageWriteParam</code> 
 itself are ignored, and a warning will be sent to any warning listeners if 
 any such tables are present.
-<a name=tree>Native Metadata Format Tree Structure and Editing</a>
+<a id=tree>Native Metadata Format Tree Structure and Editing</a>
 The DTDs below describe just the trees of metadata objects actually returned
 by the <code>IIOMetadata</code> object.  They do not include nodes 
 corresponding to <code>SOI</code>, <code>EOI</code>, or <code>RST</code> 

@@ -879,11 +877,11 @@
 The <code>setFromTree</code> operation, when given a tree in the standard 
 format, performs a <code>reset</code> followed by a merge of the new tree.
-<a name=image>Image Metadata DTD</a>
+<a id=image>Image Metadata DTD</a>
 &lt;!DOCTYPE "javax_imageio_jpeg_image_1.0" [

@@ -1145,11 +1143,11 @@
             &lt;!-- The huffman table to use for encoding AC coefficients --&gt; 
-<a name=stream>Stream Metadata DTD</a>
+<a id=stream>Stream Metadata DTD</a>
 &lt;!DOCTYPE "javax_imageio_jpeg_stream_1.0" [
   &lt;!ELEMENT "javax_imageio_jpeg_stream_1.0" (dqt |
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