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rev 55557 : 8217676: Upgrade libpng to 1.6.37
Reviewed-by: prr, jdv

@@ -6061,11 +6061,49 @@
   Fixed the calculation of row_factor in png_check_chunk_length
     (reported by Thuan Pham in SourceForge issue #278)
   Added missing parentheses to a macro definition
     (suggested by "irwir" in GitHub issue #216)
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+Version 1.6.36 [December 1, 2018]
+  Optimized png_do_expand_palette for ARM processors.
+  Improved performance by around 10-22% on a recent ARM Chromebook.
+    (Contributed by Richard Townsend, ARM Holdings)
+  Fixed manipulation of machine-specific optimization options.
+    (Contributed by Vicki Pfau)
+  Used memcpy instead of manual pointer arithmetic on Intel SSE2.
+    (Contributed by Samuel Williams)
+  Fixed build errors with MSVC on ARM64.
+    (Contributed by Zhijie Liang)
+  Fixed detection of libm in CMakeLists.
+    (Contributed by Cameron Cawley)
+  Fixed incorrect creation of pkg-config file in CMakeLists.
+    (Contributed by Kyle Bentley)
+  Fixed the CMake build on Windows MSYS by avoiding symlinks.
+  Fixed a build warning on OpenBSD.
+    (Contributed by Theo Buehler)
+  Fixed various typos in comments.
+    (Contributed by "luz.paz")
+  Raised the minimum required CMake version from 3.0.2 to 3.1.
+  Removed yet more of the vestigial support for pre-ANSI C compilers.
+  Removed ancient makefiles for ancient systems that have been broken
+    across all previous libpng-1.6.x versions.
+  Removed the Y2K compliance statement and the export control
+    information.
+  Applied various code style and documentation fixes.
+Version 1.6.37 [April 14, 2019]
+  Fixed a use-after-free vulnerability (CVE-2019-7317) in png_image_free.
+  Fixed a memory leak in the ARM NEON implementation of png_do_expand_palette.
+  Fixed a memory leak in pngtest.c.
+  Fixed two vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-14048, CVE-2018-14550) in
+    contrib/pngminus; refactor.
+  Changed the license of contrib/pngminus to MIT; refresh makefile and docs.
+    (Contributed by Willem van Schaik)
+  Fixed a typo in the libpng license v2.
+    (Contributed by Miguel Ojeda)
+  Added makefiles for AddressSanitizer-enabled builds.
+  Cleaned up various makefiles.
-Glenn R-P
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