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@@ -401,11 +401,11 @@
 // Move.  We also look for reloads of identical constants.
 // When we see a use from a reg-reg Copy, we will attempt to use the copy's
 // source directly and make the copy go dead.
 void PhaseChaitin::post_allocate_copy_removal() {
-  NOT_PRODUCT( Compile::TracePhase t3("postAllocCopyRemoval", &_t_postAllocCopyRemoval, TimeCompiler); )
+  Compile::TracePhase t3("postAllocCopyRemoval", &timers[_t_postAllocCopyRemoval]);
   ResourceMark rm;
   // Need a mapping from basic block Node_Lists.  We need a Node_List to
   // map from register number to value-producing Node.
   Node_List **blk2value = NEW_RESOURCE_ARRAY( Node_List *, _cfg.number_of_blocks() + 1);