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@@ -466,11 +466,11 @@
 // USES: If USE is in HRP, split at use to leave main LRG on stack.
 //       Else, hoist LRG back up to register only (ie - split is also DEF)
 // We will compute a new maxlrg as we go
 uint PhaseChaitin::Split(uint maxlrg, ResourceArea* split_arena) {
-  NOT_PRODUCT( Compile::TracePhase t3("regAllocSplit", &_t_regAllocSplit, TimeCompiler); )
+  Compile::TracePhase t3("regAllocSplit", &timers[_t_regAllocSplit]);
   // Free thread local resources used by this method on exit.
   ResourceMark rm(split_arena);
   uint                 bidx, pidx, slidx, insidx, inpidx, twoidx;