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rev 13439 : 8213952: Relax DNSName restriction as per RFC 1123
Reviewed-by: weijun, mullan, chegar

@@ -1026,10 +1026,11 @@
         testOK("", pre+"san1 -ext san:critical=email:me@me.org");
         testOK("", pre+"san2 -ext san=uri:http://me.org");
         testOK("", pre+"san3 -ext san=dns:me.org");
         testOK("", pre+"san4 -ext san=ip:");
         testOK("", pre+"san5 -ext san=oid:");
+        testOK("", pre+"san6 -ext san=dns:1abc.com"); //begin with digit
         testOK("", pre+"san235 -ext san=uri:http://me.org,dns:me.org,oid:");
         ks = loadStore("x.jks", "changeit", "JKS");
         class CheckSAN {
             // Please sort items with name type
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