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rev 7364 : 8080190: PPC64: Fix wrong rotate instructions in the .ad file
Reviewed-by: kvn

@@ -2262,13 +2262,12 @@
 // registers? True for Intel but false for most RISCs.
 const bool Matcher::clone_shift_expressions = false;
 // Do we need to mask the count passed to shift instructions or does
 // the cpu only look at the lower 5/6 bits anyway?
-// Off, as masks are generated in expand rules where required.
-// Constant shift counts are handled in Ideal phase.
-const bool Matcher::need_masked_shift_count = false;
+// PowerPC requires masked shift counts.
+const bool Matcher::need_masked_shift_count = true;
 // This affects two different things:
 //  - how Decode nodes are matched
 //  - how ImplicitNullCheck opportunities are recognized
 // If true, the matcher will try to remove all Decodes and match them
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