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rev 47398 : 8166317: InterpreterCodeSize should be computed
Reviewed-by: kvn, coleenp

*** 141,150 **** --- 141,151 ---- static CodeBlob* allocate(int size, int code_blob_type, int orig_code_blob_type = CodeBlobType::All); // allocates a new CodeBlob static void commit(CodeBlob* cb); // called when the allocated CodeBlob has been filled static int alignment_unit(); // guaranteed alignment of all CodeBlobs static int alignment_offset(); // guaranteed offset of first CodeBlob byte within alignment unit (i.e., allocation header) static void free(CodeBlob* cb); // frees a CodeBlob + static void free_unused_tail(CodeBlob* cb, size_t used); // frees the unused tail of a CodeBlob (only used by TemplateInterpreter::initialize()) static bool contains(void *p); // returns whether p is included static bool contains(nmethod* nm); // returns whether nm is included static void blobs_do(void f(CodeBlob* cb)); // iterates over all CodeBlobs static void blobs_do(CodeBlobClosure* f); // iterates over all CodeBlobs static void nmethods_do(void f(nmethod* nm)); // iterates over all nmethods
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