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rev 47398 : 8166317: InterpreterCodeSize should be computed
Reviewed-by: kvn, coleenp

@@ -145,10 +145,16 @@
   bool  expand_by(size_t size);                  // expands committed memory by size
   // Memory allocation
   void* allocate (size_t size); // Allocate 'size' bytes in the code cache or return NULL
   void  deallocate(void* p);    // Deallocate memory
+  // Free the tail of segments allocated by the last call to 'allocate()' which exceed 'used_size'.
+  // ATTENTION: this is only safe to use if there was no other call to 'allocate()' after
+  //            'p' was allocated. Only intended for freeing memory which would be otherwise
+  //            wasted after the interpreter generation because we don't know the interpreter size
+  //            beforehand and we also can't easily relocate the interpreter to a new location.
+  void  deallocate_tail(void* p, size_t used_size);
   // Attributes
   char* low_boundary() const                     { return _memory.low_boundary(); }
   char* high() const                             { return _memory.high(); }
   char* high_boundary() const                    { return _memory.high_boundary(); }
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