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Remove mapfile from build instructions of BUILD_UNPACKEXE:

  CFLAGS_macosx:=-fPIC, \
- MAPFILE:=$(JDK_TOPDIR)/makefiles/mapfiles/libunpack/mapfile-vers-unpack200,\

I think it makes no sense to use a version script file for an executable and older linkers (e.g. on SLES 10) complain with: "Invalid version tag `SUNWprivate_1.1'. Only anonymous version tag is allowed in executable." The GNU ld manualstates: "Version scripts are only meaningful when creating shared libraries." Morover unpack200 was the only executable which used a version script file.

Fix typo (replace 'defalt: all' by 'default')

default: all


Only use $(OPENWIN_LIB) for linking LIBSPLASHSCREEN on Solaris! The old code worked only accidentally when the X-libraries are in the default linker path anyway. The right solution is to use $(X_LIBS) if not on Windows or Solaris.

Append -DX_ARCH=X_PPC64 to LIBJSOUND_CFLAGS on PPC64. The value of X_ARCH isn't actually used on the PPC architectures, but there's a check to verify that it is set.

Fix typo (replace 'defalt: all' by 'default')

default: all
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