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rev 9312 : 8139424: SIGSEGV, Problematic frame: # V [libjvm.so+0xd0c0cc] void InstanceKlass::oop_oop_iterate_oop_maps_specialized<true,oopDesc*,MarkAndPushClosure>
Summary: The crash was caused by a faulty eager humongous reclaim. The reason for reclaiming a live obejct was that the call to cleanupHRRS was done after dirtying cards and clearing the remembered sets for the humongous object. This could lead to one or many cards being missed.

@@ -305,11 +305,10 @@
   _cset_rs_update_cl[worker_i] = NULL;
   return cards_scanned;
 void G1RemSet::prepare_for_oops_into_collection_set_do() {
-  cleanupHRRS();
   DirtyCardQueueSet& dcqs = JavaThread::dirty_card_queue_set();
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