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rev 49945 : imported patch 8191471-g1-varying-tlab-allocation
rev 49949 : imported patch 8191471-tschatzl-comments-open
rev 49950 : [mq]: 8191471-pliden-comments

@@ -418,19 +418,23 @@
   // * We do not allow humongous-sized TLABs. So, allocate_new_tlab
   //   should never be called with word_size being humongous. All
   //   humongous allocation requests should go to mem_allocate() which
   //   will satisfy them with a special path.
-  virtual HeapWord* allocate_new_tlab(size_t word_size);
+  virtual HeapWord* allocate_new_tlab(size_t min_size,
+                                      size_t requested_size,
+                                      size_t* actual_size);
   virtual HeapWord* mem_allocate(size_t word_size,
                                  bool*  gc_overhead_limit_was_exceeded);
   // First-level mutator allocation attempt: try to allocate out of
   // the mutator alloc region without taking the Heap_lock. This
   // should only be used for non-humongous allocations.
-  inline HeapWord* attempt_allocation(size_t word_size);
+  inline HeapWord* attempt_allocation(size_t min_word_size,
+                                      size_t desired_word_size,
+                                      size_t* actual_word_size);
   // Second-level mutator allocation attempt: take the Heap_lock and
   // retry the allocation attempt, potentially scheduling a GC
   // pause. This should only be used for non-humongous allocations.
   HeapWord* attempt_allocation_slow(size_t word_size);
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