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rev 2652 : 7085906: Replace the permgen allocated sentinelRef with a self-looped end
Summary: Remove the sentinelRef and let the last Reference in a discovered chain point back to itself.
Reviewed-by: TBD1, TBD2

*** 4611,4621 **** if (!_process_strong_tasks->is_task_claimed(G1H_PS_refProcessor_oops_do)) { // We need to treat the discovered reference lists as roots and // keep entries (which are added by the marking threads) on them // live until they can be processed at the end of marking. ref_processor()->weak_oops_do(&buf_scan_non_heap_roots); - ref_processor()->oops_do(&buf_scan_non_heap_roots); } // Finish up any enqueued closure apps (attributed as object copy time). buf_scan_non_heap_roots.done(); buf_scan_perm.done(); --- 4611,4620 ----