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rev 7858 : 8073543: Circular include dependency between psScavenge.inline.hpp and psPromotionManager.inline.hpp

@@ -142,13 +142,10 @@
   // argument is a convenience wrapper that fetches the to_space pointer from
   // the heap and calls the other version (if the arg is true).
   template <class T> static inline bool should_scavenge(T* p, MutableSpace* to_space);
   template <class T> static inline bool should_scavenge(T* p, bool check_to_space);
-  template <class T, bool promote_immediately>
-    inline static void copy_and_push_safe_barrier(PSPromotionManager* pm, T* p);
   static void copy_and_push_safe_barrier_from_klass(PSPromotionManager* pm, oop* p);
   // Is an object in the young generation
   // This assumes that the 'o' is in the heap,
   // so it only checks one side of the complete predicate.
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