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@@ -71,12 +71,12 @@
   // logging barrier of narrow oop granularity, like the pre-barrier for G1
   // (mentioned here merely by way of example), we will need to change this
   // interface, so it is "exactly precise" (if i may be allowed the adverbial
   // redundancy for emphasis) and does not include narrow oop slots not
   // included in the original write interval.
-  HeapWord* aligned_start = align_ptr_down(start, HeapWordSize);
-  HeapWord* aligned_end   = align_ptr_up  (end,   HeapWordSize);
+  HeapWord* aligned_start = align_down(start, HeapWordSize);
+  HeapWord* aligned_end   = align_up  (end,   HeapWordSize);
   // If compressed oops were not being used, these should already be aligned
   assert(UseCompressedOops || (aligned_start == start && aligned_end == end),
          "Expected heap word alignment of start and end");
   write_ref_array_work(MemRegion(aligned_start, aligned_end));
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