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rev 1359 : 8080598: Javadoc warnings in Global.java after lazy initialization
Reviewed-by: lagergren, hannesw

@@ -55,11 +55,11 @@
      * That is, the block has a single LabelNode statement with the label and a block containing the
      * statements of the inlined finally block with the jump or return statement appended (if the finally
      * block was not terminal; the original jump/return is simply ignored if the finally block itself
      * terminates). The reason for this somewhat strange arrangement is that we didn't want to create a
      * separate class for the (label, BlockStatement pair) but rather reused the already available LabelNode.
-     * However, if we simply used List<LabelNode> without wrapping the label nodes in an additional Block,
+     * However, if we simply used List&lt;LabelNode&gt; without wrapping the label nodes in an additional Block,
      * that would've thrown off visitors relying on BlockLexicalContext -- same reason why we never use
      * Statement as the type of bodies of e.g. IfNode, WhileNode etc. but rather blockify them even when they're
      * single statements.
     private final List<Block> inlinedFinallies;
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