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@@ -340,11 +340,11 @@
   // (See macros ConvI2X, etc., in type.hpp for ConvI2X, etc.)
   Node* ConvI2L(Node* offset);
   Node* ConvI2UL(Node* offset);
   Node* ConvL2I(Node* offset);
   // Find out the klass of an object.
-  Node* load_object_klass(Node* object);
+  Node* load_object_klass(Node* object, bool clear_prop_bits = true);
   // Find out the length of an array.
   Node* load_array_length(Node* array);
   // Helper function to do a NULL pointer check or ZERO check based on type.

@@ -856,11 +856,10 @@
   // and the array-store bytecode
   Node* gen_checkcast(Node *subobj, Node* superkls, Node* *failure_control = NULL, bool never_null = false);
   Node* is_always_locked(Node* obj);
   Node* is_value_mirror(Node* mirror);
-  void gen_value_type_guard(Node* obj, int nargs = 0);
   Node* gen_null_free_array_check(Node* ary);
   Node* gen_flattened_array_test(Node* ary);
   Node* gen_value_array_null_guard(Node* ary, Node* val, int nargs, bool safe_for_replace = false);
   Node* load_lh_array_tag(Node* kls);
   Node* gen_lh_array_test(Node* kls, unsigned int lh_value);
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