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rev 52719 : [mq]: 8159440-marking-of-promoted-objects-to-concurrent

@@ -222,38 +222,38 @@
   // Apply Fn to every oop on the mark stack. The mark stack must not
   // be modified while iterating.
   template<typename Fn> void iterate(Fn fn) const PRODUCT_RETURN;
-// Root Regions are regions that are not empty at the beginning of a
-// marking cycle and which we might collect during an evacuation pause
-// while the cycle is active. Given that, during evacuation pauses, we
-// do not copy objects that are explicitly marked, what we have to do
-// for the root regions is to scan them and mark all objects reachable
-// from them. According to the SATB assumptions, we only need to visit
-// each object once during marking. So, as long as we finish this scan
-// before the next evacuation pause, we can copy the objects from the
-// root regions without having to mark them or do anything else to them.
-// Currently, we only support root region scanning once (at the start
-// of the marking cycle) and the root regions are all the survivor
-// regions populated during the initial-mark pause.
+// Root Regions are regions that contain objects from nTAMS to top. These are roots
+// for marking, i.e. their referenced objects must be kept alive to maintain the
+// SATB invariant.
+// We could scan and mark them through during the initial-mark pause, but for
+// pause time reasons we move this work to the concurrent phase.
+// We need to complete this procedure before the next GC because it might determine
+// that some of these "root objects" are dead, potentially dropping some required
+// references.
+// Root regions comprise of the complete contents of survivor regions, and any
+// objects copied into old gen during GC.
 class G1CMRootRegions {
-  const G1SurvivorRegions* _survivors;
-  G1ConcurrentMark*        _cm;
+  HeapRegion** _root_regions;
+  uint _max_regions;
+  volatile size_t _cur_regions;
   volatile bool            _scan_in_progress;
   volatile bool            _should_abort;
-  volatile int             _claimed_survivor_index;
+  volatile size_t _claimed_root_regions;
   void notify_scan_done();
   // We actually do most of the initialization in this method.
-  void init(const G1SurvivorRegions* survivors, G1ConcurrentMark* cm);
+  void reset(uint const max_regions);
+  void add(HeapRegion* hr);
   // Reset the claiming / scanning of the root regions.
   void prepare_for_scan();
   // Forces get_next() to return NULL so that the iteration aborts early.

@@ -551,11 +551,11 @@
   // Scan all the root regions and mark everything reachable from
   // them.
   void scan_root_regions();
-  // Scan a single root region and mark everything reachable from it.
+  // Scan a single root region from nTAMS to top and mark everything reachable from it.
   void scan_root_region(HeapRegion* hr, uint worker_id);
   // Do concurrent phase of marking, to a tentative transitive closure.
   void mark_from_roots();
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