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rev 53920 : imported patch 8218880-g1-crashes-periodic-gc-gclocker

@@ -1059,10 +1059,15 @@
   // Perform a collection of the heap; intended for use in implementing
   // "System.gc".  This probably implies as full a collection as the
   // "CollectedHeap" supports.
   virtual void collect(GCCause::Cause cause);
+  // Perform a collection of the heap; if the VM operation fails to execute for
+  // any reason, retry only if retry_on_vmop_failure is set. Returns whether
+  // the collection actually executed.
+  virtual bool attempt_collect(GCCause::Cause cause, bool retry_on_vmop_failure);
   // True iff an evacuation has failed in the most-recent collection.
   bool evacuation_failed() { return _evacuation_failed; }
   void remove_from_old_sets(const uint old_regions_removed, const uint humongous_regions_removed);
   void prepend_to_freelist(FreeRegionList* list);
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