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7196242: vm/mlvm/indy/stress/java/loopsAndThreads crashed
Reviewed-by: jrose, coleenp, jmasa, kvn

The current code in ConstantPoolCacheEntry::set_method_handle_common uses
a CAS to find out who's the winning thread in the race about linking an
invokehandle/invokedynamic call site. The winning thread does the linking
while the other threads are waiting in a loop until the winning thread
finishes. The waiting threads enter the Patching_lock and call os::yield
to give the winning thread more CPU time.

Unfortunately the implementation of os::yield on Solaris uses the
Threads_lock and we hit this assert:

# fatal error: acquiring lock Threads_lock/15 out of order with lock Patching_lock/1 -- possible deadlock

Even worse, the CAS might fail spuriously and we don't have a winning
thread because we don't loop around the CAS. This may lead to hangs.

Bug id: 7196242 vm/mlvm/indy/stress/java/loopsAndThreads crashes on client
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