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@@ -30,10 +30,11 @@
 #include "interpreter/invocationCounter.hpp"
 #include "runtime/frame.hpp"
 // This file specializes the assember with interpreter-specific macros
+typedef ByteSize (*OffsetFunction)(uint);
 class InterpreterMacroAssembler: public MacroAssembler {
 #ifndef CC_INTERP

@@ -249,10 +250,14 @@
   void record_klass_in_profile(Register receiver, Register mdp,
                                Register reg2, bool is_virtual_call);
   void record_klass_in_profile_helper(Register receiver, Register mdp,
                                       Register reg2, int start_row,
                                       Label& done, bool is_virtual_call);
+  void record_item_in_profile_helper(Register item, Register mdp,
+                                     Register reg2, int start_row, Label& done, int total_rows,
+                                     OffsetFunction item_offset_fn, OffsetFunction item_count_offset_fn,
+                                     int non_profiled_offset);
   void update_mdp_by_offset(Register mdp_in, int offset_of_offset);
   void update_mdp_by_offset(Register mdp_in, Register reg, int offset_of_disp);
   void update_mdp_by_constant(Register mdp_in, int constant);
   void update_mdp_for_ret(Register return_bci);

@@ -262,10 +267,11 @@
   void profile_call(Register mdp);
   void profile_final_call(Register mdp);
   void profile_virtual_call(Register receiver, Register mdp,
                             Register scratch2,
                             bool receiver_can_be_null = false);
+  void profile_called_method(Register method, Register mdp, Register reg2) NOT_JVMCI_RETURN;
   void profile_ret(Register return_bci, Register mdp);
   void profile_null_seen(Register mdp);
   void profile_typecheck(Register mdp, Register klass, Register scratch);
   void profile_typecheck_failed(Register mdp);
   void profile_switch_default(Register mdp);
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