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@@ -697,16 +697,15 @@
   __ cmpptr(pc_reg, temp_reg);
   __ jcc(Assembler::below, L_ok);
   __ bind(L_fail);
-static void gen_i2c_adapter(MacroAssembler *masm,
+void SharedRuntime::gen_i2c_adapter(MacroAssembler *masm,
                             int total_args_passed,
                             int comp_args_on_stack,
                             const BasicType *sig_bt,
                             const VMRegPair *regs) {
   // Note: rsi contains the senderSP on entry. We must preserve it since
   // we may do a i2c -> c2i transition if we lose a race where compiled
   // code goes non-entrant while we get args ready.
   // Adapters can be frameless because they do not require the caller
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