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@@ -27,10 +27,11 @@
 #include "ci/compilerInterface.hpp"
 #include "compiler/abstractCompiler.hpp"
 #include "compiler/compileTask.hpp"
 #include "runtime/perfData.hpp"
+#include "trace/tracing.hpp"
 class nmethod;
 class nmethodLocker;
 // CompilerCounters

@@ -241,10 +242,11 @@
                                           const char*   comment,
                                           bool          blocking);
   static void wait_for_completion(CompileTask* task);
   static void invoke_compiler_on_method(CompileTask* task);
+  static void post_compile(CompilerThread* thread, CompileTask* task, EventCompilation& event, bool success, ciEnv* ci_env);
   static void set_last_compile(CompilerThread *thread, methodHandle method, bool is_osr, int comp_level);
   static void push_jni_handle_block();
   static void pop_jni_handle_block();
   static bool check_break_at(methodHandle method, int compile_id, bool is_osr);
   static void collect_statistics(CompilerThread* thread, elapsedTimer time, CompileTask* task);

@@ -286,10 +288,13 @@
                                  int comp_level,
                                  methodHandle hot_method,
                                  int hot_count,
                                  const char* comment, Thread* thread);
+  // Acquire any needed locks and assign a compile id
+  static uint assign_compile_id_unlocked(Thread* thread, methodHandle method, int osr_bci);
   static void compiler_thread_loop();
   static uint get_compilation_id() { return _compilation_id; }
   // Set _should_block.
   // Call this from the VM, with Threads_lock held and a safepoint requested.

@@ -334,12 +339,17 @@
   // Redefine Classes support
   static void mark_on_stack();
+  // Print curent compilation time stats for a given compiler
+  static void print_times(AbstractCompiler* comp);
   // Print a detailed accounting of compilation time
-  static void print_times();
+  static void print_times(bool per_compiler = true, bool aggregate = true);
   // Debugging output for failure
   static void print_last_compile();
   static void print_compiler_threads_on(outputStream* st);
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