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@@ -311,11 +311,11 @@
   void increment_counter(LIR_Address* addr, int step = 1);
   // is_strictfp is only needed for mul and div (and only generates different code on i486)
   void arithmetic_op(Bytecodes::Code code, LIR_Opr result, LIR_Opr left, LIR_Opr right, bool is_strictfp, LIR_Opr tmp, CodeEmitInfo* info = NULL);
   // machine dependent.  returns true if it emitted code for the multiply
-  bool strength_reduce_multiply(LIR_Opr left, int constant, LIR_Opr result, LIR_Opr tmp);
+  bool strength_reduce_multiply(LIR_Opr left, jint constant, LIR_Opr result, LIR_Opr tmp);
   void store_stack_parameter (LIR_Opr opr, ByteSize offset_from_sp_in_bytes);
   void klass2reg_with_patching(LIR_Opr r, ciMetadata* obj, CodeEmitInfo* info, bool need_resolve = false);
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