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@@ -44,11 +44,11 @@
 import test.javaclient.shared.FilteredTestRunner;
 import test.javaclient.shared.Utils;
  * Class provides tests for mnemonics behavior.
- * According to the <a href=http://xdesign.us.oracle.com/projects/javaFX/fxcontrols-ue/specifications/mnemonics/mnemonics-UESpec.html>Mnemonics spec</a>
+ * According to the mnemonics spec,
  * mnemonics are platform specific. Therefore tests design is aimed to
  * consider the difference between platforms and to avoid boilerplate.
  * If tests are run on Ubuntu with Unity the ALT key may invoke the HUD.
  * In that case you should change system keyboard mapping to avoid such behavior.
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